iTerm MAC OS X Terminal Setup – Coolest theme

Cómo configurar iTerm2 en MAC OS X. Cambiar su tipo de letra, colores y opciones para que se vea hermosa.

Abajo están los archivos utilizados y fuentes de consola recomendadas.

Ver entrada del blog con los pasos a realizar: http://blog.jonalvarezz.com/configurar-una-terminal-hermosa-con-iterm2


How to setup iTerm2 for MAC OS X Yosemite. Changing preferences, colors, font and making it beautiful.

iTerm 2: http://iterm2.com

Links used

– Solarized theme: http://ethanschoonover.com/solarized
– .bash_profile file: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nicolashery/mac-dev-setup/master/.bash_profile
– .bash_prompt file: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nicolashery/mac-dev-setup/master/.bash_prompt
– .aliases file: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nicolashery/mac-dev-setup/master/.aliases
– .gitconfig file: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nicolashery/mac-dev-setup/master/.gitconfig

Files from and thanks to: Nicolas Hery

Recomended Consolas Fonts

– Inconsolata (Google Fonts)
– Monaco (OSX default)
– Droid Sans Mono (Google Fonts)
– Consolas (Windows)


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