How to fix arduino uno driver problem (code 10) or the system cannot find the file specified

method : 1of3 : error (code 10)
open device manager
find for ‘unknown device’ or ‘ports’
right click it and select ‘update driver software’
‘browse my computer’ selected
select ‘let me pick bla bla bla ‘
uncheck ‘show capatible hardware’
in manufacturer, arduino llc and arduino srl can be use
any of it, choose the right model ‘arduino uno’
select ‘have disk’
and choose the file located in ‘arduinodriverarduino.inf
and select next, then is done for error (code 10)

method : 2of3 : the system cannot find the file specified
for this method is to find that what file that you didn’t
have in your computer(your only!), so if you find this
method on internet it will be hours long for find the method
that really useful for you(because each type of computer
has each own file that lost!)
so, firstly we need to check what file YOU LOST!
first open directory: C:Windowssetupapi.dev
drag down to the latest update…
find on left side for this mark ‘!’,my does not have any of this
because my have aready been fix!
so i will let you see before my is fix
at here i found out that in the highlighted file directory
is missing ‘usbser.sys’ file, so go and find others
missing file and download from below and drag it
to specified directory!
when you’re done try back to method 1of3 and i think
it should be ok…

the file i lost :

if you guys have any lost file and need to download you can inform me and i will upload for you guys.


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