Xbox One X System Error E102/E105

Hi anyone had this same issue please leave a comment I tried resetting it for multiple times and I got 2 successful reset but afterwards it went back to system failure again

I decided to replace the hdd since I dont know any microsoft service center near me and after a week of testing the problem still happening to me so I dont recommend voiding the warranty just send it back for repair

Update May 19, 2019 my newly bought 500gb WD Blue SSD still had this system error e102/e105

Update May 7, 2019 : I bought a 500gb WD Blue SSD and now its working properly found out that maybe my newly bought Seagate firecuda has defect even it recognized in my computer properly

Update January 20, 2019 bought a Seagate Firecuda and reformated it using a script from xfix it works and after acouple of time back to some random e102/e105 error


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