GPU pass through guide for Ubuntu

This video contains a comprehensive guide installing and running a Windows Virtual Machine with GPU pass through on Ubuntu 15.04/15.10 linux distro. Below are links and a follow along guide for the installation process. Thanks for checking this guide out and I hope this was useful video for you.

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KVM Installation Guide:

Puget Systems Guide:

Step 1: Checking if your computer is ready (2:20)
Step 2: Installing KVM/QEMU (3:17)
Step 3: Step 1 of Puget Systems Guide (5:06)
Step 4: Step 2 of Puget Systems Guide (7:12)
Step 5: Step 3 of Puget Systems Guide (10:11)
Step 6: Step 4 of Puget Systems Guide (11:08)
Step 7: Step 5 of Puget Systems Guide FOLLOW CAREFULLY! (11:48)
Step 8: Step 7 of Puget Systems Guide (16:29)
Step 9: Step 6 of Puget Systems Guide (17:50)
Step 10: Changes needed for installing Windows 10 (20:03)


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