How to CONNECT your Vivo Smartphones to your PC


Hi guys! Me again back for another tutorial video. I made it as short short as possible so that I can upload it only for a short period of time. Sorry if there might be a lot of typos, grammar errors and video shakes. I just had to type what I have in mind and shot a quick video for ya’ll. Anyway, hope you’ll learn something new from this tutorial…

PS: Pause and Play work if you find it hard to check on the other parts of the video.

Just in case you need the link for Vivo MTP Drivers, here’s the link:

For some reasons which I don’t know why, the link that I have provided before no longer has the driver, maybe VIVO HAS MOVED IT INTO A DIFFERENT SECTION IN THEIR WEBSITE OR THEY DELETED IT-I DON’T KNOW WHY but what I can only say is that it’s best for you to search it in google instead. However you may also want to check on this link if you want for your other option: https://www.ytechb.com/download-vivo-usb-drivers/ (UPDATED AS OF 5/8/2019)

I had to change the background music because of YouTube copyright policies. Sorry…

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