How to Fix Youtube Comments Copy & Paste function in Firefox

I don’t have an international keyboard. So I rely on copy and pasting text from other sites such as Google translate when I engage in online dialogue in Spanish or Japanese. That being said, I noticed maybe two or three weeks ago when I tried to reply to a Japanese commentor that I could no longer copy and paste in the youtbe comments section.
My first instinct is always to try another browser. Lo and behold, my issue was only plaguing me in firefox, which is my preferred default browser.
So after doing some digging I’ve managed to restore that function and I thought I’d share it to all you other firefox users out there who may be experiencing the same issue and unsure of how to remedy it.
First open firefox of course, and then a new tab.
Now write about colon config. You’re going to get a warning screen like this. Don’t worry, just click “I’ll be careful, I promise!”
After that, type: dom.event
That’s going to generate a list of 5 dom.event lines, but the only one we are concerned with is this top one that reads: dom.event.clipboardevents.
Last thing you need to do is double click that line so that it changes to ‘false’ under this section labeled value. That’s it.
With that disabled, it should rectify that pesky YouTube comment bullcrap so you can go back to business as usual.
Now, I ought to mention that, once you disable this function you may see some erratic copy and paste on other sites so you can leave it in default mode unless you copy and paste lots of youtube comments.
Hopefully for anyone experiencing the same problem, this is the fix you’re looking for. Peace.


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