[Mac OS X Fix] iTunes connection error / can’t connect to iTunes store / init.itunes.apple.com

This will help you fix your issues with iTunes connecting to the iTunes Store or the App Store on your iMac or MacBook Pro running OS X Lion, Mountain Lion or Maverick. Some of the errors you might be receiving include:

iTunes can’t verify the identity of the server init.itunes.apple.com
iTunes can’t verify the identity of the server buy.itunes.apple.com
iTunes can’t verify the identity of the server radio.itunes.apple.com

This is a security certificate related issue. For whatever reason an app you had installed changed the permission on your security certificates. By changing these back to the default, you can get your iTunes to work once again.

Rough Transcript:

This one is for all of you having trouble getting iTunes to work online. You open up iTunes and get several error messages. And you just keep getting more and more messages. If you try to buy a song, you’ll come up with buy.itunes.apple.com. These messages just keep popping up. If you go searching on forums all people tell you is that your internet is down, but it isn’t because you’re surfing.

There are a couple of reasons for why this might be happening. Both of them are security certificate related. The first thing you want to check is to make sure your date and time is correct.

The second solution is to open up your Applications folder, go down to Utilities and then select Keychain Access. Once you get inside of Keychain Access go to System Roots and Certificates.

You’ll notice that some of the certificates have a plus symbol next to them. The goal to to remove all of the plus symbols. You can double click on certificates, click on the triangle next to “Trust,” if you just go to “Use System Defaults” it won’t save it. So select any other option, and change it to “no value specified”. This should change the certificate to use “custom settings”. After closing out, you should be able to “Use System Defaults” and save.

After everything is set to “Use System Defaults”. Close Keychain Access. You can go into iTunes and choose your songs, albums, artists, genres, playlists, radio and everything should be working fine. No more iTunes error messages.


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