How to Fix Error c0000005 on Spirit Jailbreak For iPad, iPhone, iPod touch.mp4

How to jailbreak iPhone ios4 using spirit jailbreak with itunesV9.2 for both MAC and WINDOWS :
First you should download dotnetfx35 to overcome error 1600 1604 here is the link of dotnetfx35 if you donot install it it is the most chances that your iphone stuck
Download the latest version of itunes that is itunes V 9.2 given in the following links

Download the softwares from these links
spiritjailbreak for ios4(mac)




spirit for mac for ios4
spirit2pwn windows
umbrella SHSH

What’s Spirit?
Spirit is an untethered jailbreak for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch on the latest firmwares.
Spirit is not a carrier unlock.
If you currently are using a tethered jailbreak, you have to restore to use Spirit. Do not upgrade if you use an unlock on an iPhone 3G or 3GS. (You can, however, restore to 3.1.2 if you have SHSH blobs for that version.)

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