Download Unity – Become a Game Developer! (Zombie Shooter Tutorial Series P1)

Learn to install the Unity3d editor and begin your game development journey. Set up a new project with the latest version of Unity!

——- Information about the course —–

Build your first 3D Video Game with our Zombie Shooter Course! We built this course to demonstrate how easy it is to get started with Unity! At GameDevHQ, our mission and focus is helping you become a great game developer!

To follow along with this course, we use GameDevHQ’s Filebase! You’ll need to create an account on GameDevHQ.com for free to download the assets.

If you’re looking for a community-driven learning environment that’s structured to help you become a great game developer & software engineer, then consider joining our Pro Membership and turn your dream of making awesome games into a reality!

For more information about GameDevHQ, you can visit GameDevHQ.com to get started on your game development journey! With a Pro Membership, you have access to our learning tracks, which include both a Game Developer & Software Developer Certification, 2,000+ game-ready assets and growing, and dozens of coding challenges that focus on your problem solving skillset!

Pro Members also enjoy exclusive access to a mastermind community where they can network, connect, and collaborate!


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