How to Perform a Forced Regen on a 2015 Volvo D13 | 2014-2019

How to start a regen on a 2015 Volvo Truck with a D13 Engine, This works on EPA13/14/17 emission models. Works on Volvo & Mack Trucks.
2014-2019: https://otrperformance.com/collections/volvo-mack/products/dtc-aft-reset-tool-volvo-mack?variant=13680814948397
2007-2013: https://otrperformance.com/collections/volvo-mack/products/dtc-aft-reset-tool-volvo-mack?variant=13605523161133

The OTR Reset Tool provides you the capability to reset the fault codes, reset the aftertreatment system, and perform a forced regen.

Clear Active / Inactive Codes at the Dealer Level
Clear Aftertreatment Derates and Problems
Clear Learned Data Values

This tool sends specific commands based on OTR’s algorithm to be able to perform these things at the dealer level. Simple to use, and no special software or hardware needed. No need to visit the dealer or shop either!

Reset Active / Inactive Faults
OEM level commands, don’t need to have PTT
Complete simple to use the tool
Reset ALL Modules located on J1708 / J1939 Systems
Works on Volvo / Mack / Prevost

Reset soot & ash levels, will work even if past 200%
Reset Parked Regen Needed
Reset Level 2, 3 and 4 regen levels
Reset engine learned data (nox sensors, engine sensors, egr diff, egr)
Reset incomplete regen counter (stuck at 144%)
Reset SCR system learned data

Start Forced Regeneration
Simple to do, just wait 30sec-4min to start
No more DPF worries

This DTC + AFT Reset Tool is a plug & play tool that will reset your fault codes and aftertreatment (DPF / SCR) system. This product is used solely for the purpose of clearing “Active or Inactive” fault codes in the ECUs of the vehicle.

Specific trucks will display fault codes on the dashboard, and most of the time you will have a check engine light or a check module message. After this, a screen will appear stating that the error has occurred. Many of the codes that do appear on your dashboard fall into the category of “Ghost Code.” The phrase “Ghost Code” comes from the fact that the fault code activated was triggered by certain conditions that are near impossible to recreate.

Active fault codes do cause excessive downtime as you try to find a repair shop and after you finally find and arrive at a repair shop you are waiting possibly hours only to learn that in fact, you can make it to your next destination safely and with no problems – that the fault codes are not severe. Fault codes can mislead not only the owner and driver but also the technician into thinking there is a severe problem with the truck when there is not.

This will give you the relief you need knowing that you can make it to your destination safely while decreasing downtime. All you have to do is plug the DTC + AFT Reset Tool into the diagnostic connection and clear the fault code once. If the fault code does come back a second time, you do need to take the matter seriously. This product is used solely for the purpose of clearing active and/or inactive fault codes. Nowadays semi-trucks are plagued with fault codes, let OTR’s OTR Reset Tool be your solution to a seemingly never-ending problem.

OTR’s tool will also reset the aftertreatment system after maintenance work has been completed. Moreover, you can replace engine related sensors over the road and just plug in the OTR Reset Tool to clear and reset the system. The device will then send the proper communication data over to the specific network to perform these extensive resets.

This feature allows you to be in total control of your regeneration system. This feature allows you to start a forced regen when the truck is not asking for one to burn off the soot that is in the DPF filter assembly.

Why do you need to do a forced regen?

Soot level to high for a passive regen to occur
Soot level in critical mode
Fault codes relating to Nox Evaluation that require forced regen
Common practice to ensure DPF system is working properly

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