How to Fix Windows 10 Error Code 0x80070070

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ET-32 How to Fix Windows 10 Error Code 0x80070070

When the computer fails to have the amount of memory that is needed for the update, the error code 0x80070070 will pop up.

Error Causes
The Windows 10 upgrade error is caused by varying factors which includes:
– Lack of computer space or resources
– Malware or virus infestation
– Clogged registry on the computer

Common symptoms include:

– Windows cannot install updates properly.
– Unable to install any additional programs or apps.
– When you check the memory of the computer, it may be very near its full capacity.

Method One: Disk Cleanup

It is important to know how much space there is on the computer to start with prior to trying to free up any space. Use the free program on the computer called Disk Cleanup tool. This will save

time and free up some hard drive space while optimizing the computer to work better.

From the Start menu, browse to the Explore option, and then select This PC. Right click on the C drive, and then select Properties. Select Disk cleanup. From here, select the options that you

would like to clear. Make sure that the recycle bin is emptied of any temporary files or any error logs. Once done, select Okay.

Use this same process to clear the system files after an update from Windows, as they may still have files from the old operating system in place.

Method Two: Remove Unwanted Apps

Go through your computer and remove any unwanted apps that are present. There are sure to be some that you do not use or do not want.

Follow these steps: From the Start menu, select Settings. Then, select System, Apps and Features. When you have found the program that you would like to uninstall, select it and then select

Uninstall. NOTE: some apps that are built into Windows do not have the capability to be uninstalled. Once you have selected Uninstall for the app or program, follow all directions that appear on

the screen.

Method Three: Cloud Storage

If there are a lot of media, photos, documents, videos, and the like that are not used on a regular basis, try out cloud storage. These files will still be in your possession and will be able to

be accessed from anywhere. There are many applications or websites that cater to this.

Method Four: External Storage Options

If none of the above methods work, add more storage. To acquire more storage, you can incorporate devices such as SD cards, USB flash drives, and even external hard drives.

Method Five: Use an Automated Tool

If the four methods will not fix error 0x80070070, then you might want to consider downloading and installing a powerful automated tool called Total System Care.

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