How to FIX Can't Sign Into Xbox One Account Error (2 Easy Methods)

Are you having problems logging in or can’t sign into your xbox one account??? In this video, I will show you 2 easy methods to FIX your XBOX ONE SIGN IN ISSUES and ERRORS!! If you have already completely shut off your xbox one by holding down the xbox button on the front of the console for 10 seconds or more. When the xbox one is powered off, turn the console back on. Now try to sign in to your xbox live account and see if your login errors are fixed.

The second method you can try is by going to the options menu and going to accounts and then go to remove account. Then go to your profile login page and add a new account. Sign back into the account you just removed with the email and password. This should allow you to login back in and fix any can’t sign into xbox one account issues you are having. …

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