ROBLOX I Jailbreak (NUKE UPDATE ) MAY 2020 I Speed Glitch

In this video I’ll be showing you a Jailbreak New Speed Glitch! on Roblox!
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About Jailbreak Update!
🏝 NEW ISLAND! On the edge of the map, you’ll find a high security prison for the worst criminals!
☢️ NUKES! Earn for reaching Level 50 and launch from the Military!
🕵️‍♂️ 2 SECRETS have been added to the game. One rewards a set of 🐷 Piggy themed rims.
🤩 NEW LOOK! We’re in Phase 1 of rolling out a beautiful new set of buttons and menus for you!
⚠️ Season 4 (and seasons altogether) are done! We have fun new plans to bring you exclusive vehicles in the future! 🙂
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