What is an HDCP error?

HDCP or ‘High Bandwidth Digital Contect Protection’ is a signal standard designed to protect HD content from piracy and copying.

HowToAV.tv takes a look at how HDCP works – and how it can cause compliancy problems, errors and a lack of picture displaying on your AV system.

HDCP works by the Transmitting device (or Source) sending a HDCP data signal to check that the Receiver (or Display) is also HDCP compliant.
If either devices on the system are not compliant, then a HDCP error is likely to occur.

Get even more information on the latest HDCP version 2.2 at the HowToAV Blog here: http://www.cie-group.com/blog/12/what-is-hdcp-2-2?page=1

ALSO NOW AVAILABLE: Latest HDCP 2.2 vdieocast from the HowToAV Team:


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