Replacing a Faulty Xbox One Hard Drive (Tutorial)

How to fix an Xbox One that has a dead hard drive preventing the console from booting. This video covers how to setup a replacement hard drive to work with the Xbox One.

Download Links:

OSU1 (Xbox OS Files): http://www.xbox.com/xboxone/osu1
Or find it on Xbox.com Support: https://www.xbox.com/en-US/

Xbox HDD Master Script & bootanim.xex: https://gbatemp.net/download/xbox-one-windows-and-linux-internal-hard-drive-partitioning-script.34239/

AOMEI Partition Assistant: https://www.disk-partition.com/free-partition-manager.html:

Xbox One Disassembly Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7SXcTx061w


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